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Cindy Kalmenson, Suzanna Spring, Ed Coffey, Gypsy Carns, Digger Lou, "Uncle" Jim Calvin and Rod Picott join folk rock legends Bernie Leadon and Sam Neely for the Nashville Folk Festival on the Air with On Air Host Mark Dyer

The program is ready so you can expect Uncle Dave Macon to show up on the road between Murfreesboro and Woodbury hauling freight for the Midway Mule and Freight Company as we visit some of the history that is so important to the local and the national music scene as a whole. Nashville is a melting pot and the music ranges from contemporary Eaglesque Bernie Leadon to the original recorded old-timey sounds of Uncle Dave Macon, Syd Harkreader and others.


The inaugural broadcast was scheduled to be uplinked from the Boise Idaho uplink at 5pm Sunday August 1st. The program is available to stations by CD delivery for $10.

Bernie Leadon signed on to be the featured artist on the first program and spent several hours with us here at the studio. It's easy to see how he could help form and guide groups like The Flying Burrito Brothers and The Eagles in his earlier years as well as breakthrough groups like Hearts and Flowers and even the Scotsville Squirrel Barkers. Now after years of hiding out after leaving The Eagles, Bernie finally has done some recording and is releasing his first studio cd, Mirror, in 20 years and we get to feature three tunes from it. This is really good stuff from a true folk rock pioneer. Thank you Bernie Leadon for putting some positive energy into the Nashville Folk Festival. Hats off to ya!!!

And there's more. (Ladies first) Festival favorite and award winning writer-artist Cindy Kalmenson has written a fine song about the recent loss of the astraunauts flying in on the space shuttle. It's called, One Earth. We cut it live and it's a moving lyric set against Cindy's big Martin D-35S sound. It's heard here for the first time. Suzanna Spring, is a true people person and treats everyone with respect so it's no wonder she was one of the festival's favorite performers. We hear Suzanna's Blue Horizon.

Welcome Back Gibson Original Musical Instruments

These are the instruments everybody wants to play! Gibson.

Then that banjo slinging Digger Lou brings us her most popular song, Hot Running Water. It's about her tribulations of hillbilly living up in the holler. You'll be singing along before you know it. Then Jack Tale telling granny Gladys Crabb rips off a quick one, the story about ole Jack and the mule eggs. Rod Picott joined us at the studio for some talk about songwriting and demonstrated his expertise while mainstays Jim Calvin and Gypsy Carns hold our attention. Another folk rock pioneer from the late 60s and early 70s Sam Neely flew up from Corpus Christi to talk and play us a cut from his newest cd. Sam is a real southern gentleman and still has a legion of fans worldwide.

Everybody loves Lebanon, TN radio personality Mark Dyer and the job he did at the first ever outdoor Nashville Folk Festival last year introducing acts every half hour and maintaining the informational flow for two days without pay like everyone else having fun giving something back to the folk music community at large. Anyway, we're very happy Mark has also joined us for the creation of the radio program as well as helping with the outdoor festival in September. He has a great voice in the studio and on the air and brings a level of broadcast experience that, in addition to his years of air time experience and broad knowledge of Americana type music and the early days of local radio in Nashville, is proving both interesting and invaluable.

Here's some of the feedback we've been getting from our panel of listeners:

It sounds great. Here, let me show you a little trick I learned on that 1176.
Greg, Nashville Audio Engineer

It's like an old time radio hour. Sounds good. I like it.
Michael, Nashville Music Industry Exec

Of course, I put in my air time too and enjoy being involved with on air skits especially those involving time travel visiting with Uncle Dave Macon. In the first NFF on the Air Hour Uncle Jim and I flag down Uncle Dave Macon's wagon on the road through Readyville and catch a ride for a few miles and listen to Uncle Dave sing and play the banjo.

Friend of the Nashville Folk Festival - SING OUT! Magazine

Uncle Jim has composed a solo fiddle tune called Hartford's Retreat in honor of everybody's friend and all around good guy, John Hartford. We recorded it for the show and a skit developed around the fiddle tune and we wrote a radio play about a raft trip down the Cumberland River with John featuring a cut from a cd John handed me himself at his bluff house on the Cumberland River up near Nashville just a few short years ago. It's a great memory now and we enjoyed our imaginary trip down the river with him. I think you will too.

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Nashville Folk Festival is now an official content provider to the Public Radio Satellite System making our programming available to the entire National Public Radio network as well as other non profit educational, college and university stations across the United States of America. NPR and the Public Radio Satellite System have a great system in place that allows producers to communicate with the entire network of stations via the DACS system on the satellite as well as distribute free on the air promos.

We are very excited about what this means to Nashville Folk Festival and the artists associated with the festival. Right now these artists Cindy Kalmenson, Suzanna Spring, Joe Nolan, Ed Coffey, Gypsy Carns, Digger Lou, Jim Calvin and Rod Picott join folk rock legends Bernie Leadon, Sam Neely, and Tabby Crabb in putting together Nashville Folk Festival on the Air. On Air Host Mark Dyer is getting ready for some in studio guests and to direct two special skits so you can expect Uncle Dave Macon to show up on the road between Murfreesboro and Woodbury hauling freight for the Midway Mule and Freight Company as we visit some of the history that is so important to the local and the national music scene as a whole.

Uncle Jim, Mark and Tabby honor our good friend John Hartford on a special raft trip down the Cumberland River. Jim has written a beautiful solo fiddle tune in honor of John, called Hartford's Retreat. We'll be hearing that plus we'll be featuring music from the remastered Aereo-Plain cd. John handed it to me himself two years ago at his home high up that ridge above the Cumberland River because it was my favorite thing of his. At that time we were trying to put a cable television program together with Hank Cochran but his health prevented him from participating. John Hartford was a bright light on the river at night. John's stepson, Gary, made several trips out here before the 2003 festival and was a great help providing transportation for the Blevins Audio Exchange trailer that we used for storage during the event in the dell last year. I know John would have been here with us and would want to be included in this program. To help out if nothing else. That's the kind of person he was.

Stay Tuned for more NFF on the AIR news...!!!

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
Jim and Tabby appeared at The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum again at noon Sunday, Jan 25, 2004

NFF Board Members Jim Calvin (right) with Tabby Crabb backing him on guitar entertained visitors Saturday November 15, 2003 to The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, TN. Jim brought several historic instruments including a Gibson banjo reported to be one of Earl Scruggs early instruments and a mandolin once belonging to Scotty Stoneman. Also appearing that day were Riders In The Sky. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum when you're in Nashville. Jim has been entertaining visitors there since the new venue opened after the big move from the museum's former music row digs.

Nashville Folk Festival on the Public Radio Satellite

First we must say thanks to Gibson Original Acoustic Instruments and Epiphone Musical Instruments and Shiloh Music, Mt. Juliet, TN for believing that there is a need for a Nashville Folk Festival and then meet that need by letting Nashville Folk Festival give away a Gibson A-9 Mandolin and also an Epiphone PR-200 Acoustic Guitar. Thank you for your continued involvement and belief in the Nashville Folk Festival and thanks again to Shiloh Music of Mt. Juliet, TN for doing such a first rate job on the sound reinforcement for the festival. Everyone commented on how great it sounded and at a comfortable level. Thank you all!!

NFF Starts Annual Lifetime Of Achievement Recognition Award
We are very proud to honor 2003 Lifetime of Achievement Awardee Curtis McPeake for his lifelong commitment to the five string banjo and it's various pursuits taking it to new heights with Flatt and Scruggs, Bill Monroe, the Grand Ole Opry and The Nashville Brass.

Curtis is a gentleman musician, thank you sir!


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Mark these dates for the 2005 festival:
Friday and Saturday, September 9 & 10, 2005

Thanks Again For Joining Us at the
Friday and Saturday the second full weekend in September each year.

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