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The Folk Festival Stage Is Finished!!

the wood came from uncle daves neighborhood
stage building in the Dell August 17
stage building in the Dell

We are working on the final lineup as we speak but as of today, August 5, 2003, the list of entertainers and artists has filled in nicely. There are some stellar young acts booked and some fine old timers as well. In no particular order (as of today) appearing at the First Annual Nashville Folk Festival are the following:

NFF is proud to present this lineup of artists!!!

Jim Calvin, Gypsy Carns, Mark Dyer, Curtis McPeake, Andy May, Cindy Kalmenson, Todd Cook, Clive Gregson, Richard Ferreira, Toni Catlin, Suzanna Spring, Dutch, Tirk Wilder, Michael Kelsh, Rod Picott, Tom Roznowski, Jon Byrd, Sara Beck, Chris Crofton, Tucson Simpson Band, Joe Nolan, Dave Cannon, Melmac Lickers, Royann Cooper, Buddy Ingram, Digger Lou, Warren Gently, The Hedges Family, GeorgeBlack, Toby Steele, Johnny Bellar, Jill Block, 80 year old story teller Gladys Crabb and her wonderful son, Tabby (oops, thats me!!)

Over the next few days we will post the schedule and get more information about these artists on the site. This is promising to be a great lineup and I'm happy to be a part of it all. Thanks for everyone involved.

Click on the link to Galaris Musicians Directory and Galaris will give us $$$ if you buy it!!!

We visit Uncle Dave territory again!!!
August 1, 2003. Yesterday Jim Calvin and I visited Uncle Dave territory again. First we went to an antique store in Woodbury looking for a banjo case supposedly belonging to Uncle Dave we heard was there but it was sold to an unknown buyer in 1995. Then we headed to Uncle Dave's house. The house is going up for auction tomorrow. I wish we could get it and I hope someone who loves Uncle Dave will be the final buyer. The main reason we were in Readlyville was to buy some rough cut cedar lumber from Tilford's Sawmill. Tom Tilford (80 years young) took over the mill from his daddy in 1953 a year after Uncle Dave died. Tilford's daddy ran the other freight line and lived a half mile down the road from Uncle Dave. It felt like the right thing to get the lumber over there. Heck, some of those cedars are likely kin to some of Uncle Dave's trees. Anyway, Tom Tilford's son trucked the lumber up here today and stacked it neatly next to the log foundation for the stage. Here's some pictures below:
Tilford's Sawmill for the stage lumber
Two miles south of Cedars of Lebanon

The Festival Parking Lot (pasture) Is Ready
The festival parking area is finished and recently mowed. The festival site is behind the trees at the far end of the parking area. Gypsy and Tabby celebrate the completion and get ready to move into the stage building. Tickets are being printed now. 300 are available. Come join us!! Stay tuned!!!
parking on the green
Newly added to the festival line up (times to be announced in August) are Toni Catlin, Suzanna Spring and Clive Gregson on Friday and Tom Roznowski and Michael Kelsh on Saturday. The webmaster is back from the baseball park tour so watch for more updates almost daily. Thanks!!! The webmaster.
Lookin' for Uncle Dave's Blessing!!
You gotta love Uncle Dave!!
Jim, Tabby and a pair of Aces
We left old Jordon Farm at about 3:30 and headed southeast toward Woodbury, TN where Jim found an old gentleman who had spent his entire life in Cannon county. He directed us to Uncle Dave Macon's house and to Coleman Cemetery where Uncle Dave rests. We were armed with a pair of antique Gibson banjos and a jug of Uncle Dave's favorite liquid refreshment. We had a great time and found Uncle Dave. We said a prayer of thanks for his spirit of facing life changing decisions in his later years and even with business reversals in the freight business went on to a second and even more profound career as a Grand Ole Opry entertainer. I asked him if he minded if we dedicated the Nashville Folk Festival to him?? Well, he didn't say no!! Thanks and God bless you Uncle Dave!!!
Wow!!! Thank you Epiphone!!! and welcome to the Nashville Folk Festival as a partner. I've just learned today that Epiphone is bestowing on a lucky attendee of Nashville Folk Festival a brand new Epiphone PR-200 Acoustic guitar complete with a gig bag carrying case. This guitar will be given away during Saturday evening's music. We're grateful that you see the potential of this folk festival and for helping us this first year. THANK YOU!!!! Thank you Epiphone!!

Curtis McPeake
We are delighted to announce that Curtis McPeake, a veteran five string banjo player and recording artist, will be performing at Nashville Folk Festival. In 1955 Curtis was called to play banjo with Flatt and Scruggs after Earl's wreck. Curtis worked with Bill Monroe during the time when Bill first went to Carnegie Hall. After that Curtis joined Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper and worked through 1963 with them. Later Curtis signed on with The Grand ole Opry as a staff musician. Curtis took the five string to new heights as a member of The Nashville Brass for many years. Curtis is a living legend, don't miss this chance to see and hear him at the first annual Nashville Folk Festival.
Just added to the line up (schedule to be soon announced) is the great Cindy Kalmenson, Americana Song of the Year Award winner and double winner of MerleFest Songwriting Contest in 2002 and Toby Steele's group with banjoist Dave Johnson and resophonic guitarist Johnny Bellar. Cedars of Lebanon State Park Ranger and folklorist, Buddy Ingram has agreed to take a time slot. You will enjoy Buddy's old time banjo playing. Unka Jim Calvin emailed last night and plans to donate a couple of pallets of lumber so we can get started on the Stage of Stages Join Cindy Kalmenson at Nashville Folk Festival

Limited Attendance
Also, we have decided to limit attendance this year to 300 and will endeavor to sell tickets via the internet and  by email. Get your tickets early as we have had lots of inquiries.

Buy Your Ticket Now

Tickets are now available to the festival and have been priced at $21 for both days of fun and entertainment. A request has been made to make a one day ticket available which we have done. Friday's ticket is $9 and Saturday only is $15. We have decided to price children 12 and under at $1 each when accompanied by a parent. No unsupervised children, please.
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Shovel and chainsaw Saturday!

Thank God  For Gibson!!
Nashville Folk Festival welcomes Gibson Original Acoustic Instruments as a principle sponsor of the first Nashville Folk Festival and for years to come. At this year's friday night event, A Mandolin Celebration with Host Andy May Gibson OAI will be giving away a beautiful new Gibson A-9 mandolin.. Thank you to Todd Wright and all the wonderful folks who work for Gibson.

Gibson A-9 MandolinGibson A-9 MandolinGibson A-9 MandolinGibson A-9 Mandolin Gibson A-9 Mandolin

ONE THE FOUR ANCIENT ELEMENTS - FIRE!! imossy dell firepit

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Dedicated to Uncle Dave

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