In the beginning ... Mossy Dell, the site of the Nashville Folk Festival once belonged to the Jordon family back in the days when Flatwood Road was called Jordon Farm Road in the early days of The Grand Ole Opry. Old Steven Jordon was Uncle Dave Macon's road manager until he retired and the Delmore Brothers took over.
Music In A Mossy Dell

Uncle Dave would ride up here in his mule drawn wagon, put the mule out in the pasture and load up in the touring car and head out on the road to do a few gigs. I draw a lot of inspiration from Uncle Dave because he began his career after losing his freight company and having to go to work at the Dixie Tabernacle just before it became the Grand Ole Opry (and lucky too!!!). Uncle Dave was 57. My personal hero!

Tabby Crabb

Mossy Dell from the air!!!! Thanks Steve!!!
Here's a picture of the Nashville Folk Festival site from the air above the Wilson County Tennessee location thanks to Steve Bickham
and Lebanon Flying Service.

Thanks to Mark and Sam for having me over to the radio station to talk about the festival on the Fiddler's Grove Bluegrass Show on WANT-FM.

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Dedicated to Uncle Dave

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