PyroShot - Aerial and Ground Ignition Equipment For Forest Management

We’re up and running!                                           25 November 2013

We are pleased to announce that we have completed our re-design of the PyroShot HS, and are assembling them as I write this.  We’ll get this website up to date as soon as we can, but for now some of the photos are still of the “classic” PyroShot HS.  All the pricing is correct, however, and the new design HS can be seen by clicking <HERE>

We greatly appreciate everyone’s understanding throughout this long process, and are confident that you will find the new design worth the wait.  As always, all of us here at Field Support Services are dedicated to providing excellent products and service to you, the front line fire professionals. 

All production of PyroShots will continue to be 100% Made in the USA. 

We very much appreciate your patience and support. 

                        Rusty Boys, CEO & President, and

                        Chris Yoder, Production Manager

                        Field Support Services, Atlanta GA 


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PyroShot FBS-1
Spring powered Ground Ignition
 Hand Launcher

PyroShot HS
Gas Powered Ground Ignition High Speed
Hand Launcher (Standard Version)

PyroShot HSLR
Gas Powered Ground Ignition High Speed Long Range Hand Launcher






Dragon Eggs


Ground Launcher Accessories
Ground Launcher Accessories







Dragon Egg Handling
(Ball Bags)

Green Dragon
Vehicle Mounted Launcher
Red Dragon - Helicopter Mounted Dispenser
Red Dragon
Helicopter Mounted Dispenser





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