The riverboat, Annabelle Lee, in 1986. We had a record about it in the Top 100 that year. It's one of my favorites.
-=Cowling's Finger Exercises=-

Illustrated is the left hand. Hold each position ten seconds with moderate isometric tension. Don't over do it. Repeat for the right hand. Hold your arm at a right angle to your body with the elbow bent at a right angle with the hand pointing at the sky. Concentrate on your hand while doing the exercise. You might have to help some of the fingers with the free hand until you get used to it. Do each morning and each evening.

Return to position 1 for a second after you finish ten seconds of each position and before moving to the next set up. The third and fourth fingers are the hardest to separate with your mind but you can do it. Concentrate to gain independent movement of the fourth or little finger. Move slowly into each position and then hold with tension for ten seconds. After three months you can up it to 15 seconds and more reps. A minimum of two reps a day with ten second holds is enough to maintain your hands in working condition. Mr. Pickles said it was the muscle work out equivalent of two hours of actual on instrument (the original exercises were developed for violin players) practice. Keep the wrist straight with the hand and arm. I insert position 2 (the stretch) between groupings (between 6 and 7, and 9 and 10) but this is not part of the original instructions however I personally like to stretch between sets.

Do the moves slowly and with focus. Much like the Tai Chi mindset. Do them every day.